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your guide to Disney fairytale-inspired majestic, elegant, gorgeous, lavish, magical and magnificent weddings

Are you skeptical about how your wedding will look? I’ll tell you;  — picturesque perfect! We don’t forget to implement the crystal and pearlescent touches. We believe in crafting mesmerizing candles and lush floral design, the heart of the wedding as each flower particularly symbolizes a meaning of compassion, versatility, commitment and brings good fortune to your wedding. From opulence galore to whimsical colour arrangements we as high-end marriage planners fabricate a wedding of maestoso excellence that has a power to evoke a sense of enchantment and splendor.

It’s called elementary my dear! You need a magnifique and impeccable organisers who have the power to breathe your ideas within themselves. Our meticulous curation to top-tier vendors, & creative designs, we ensure a grandeur and splendid celebration . From beach side receptions and other ceremonies to bespoke dinnerware we have got you covered with everything.

services provided

Decor, lightings and Design

Destination and Venue Selection

Entertainment Provision

Food and Beverages


Wedding Gifts

Communication with the vendors

Beauticians, make-up artist, hair designers and Mehendi Designers


Travel plans

Dress Designers

Why Choose Lilliput Motions?

We believe we can do it! And can give you an awe-siring experience with our elegant and high-end work at an affordable price.

Lilliput Motions will help you save more money than spending

Lilliput Motions will help you in sculpting a splendid communication and handling the vendors

Lilliput Motions can give you handpicked ideas for decoration and venues

Lilliput Motions will help you avoid the mistakes that one can make personally

If you give us a specified budget, we will make things happen within the budget itself

Lilliput Motions will keep you on schedule and make sure everything moves smoothly and efficiently.

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