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What’s in marketing cauldron by Lilliput Motions

The marketing idea gradually crystallized into a definite brilliance, cunning and strategy from late antiquity. Today, in the coliseum of marketing spectacles, “patience” and “time” are the strongest worriers and shall do more than the capacity of just becoming companions with strength and passion. In the hippodrome of chariot race for the brand’s marketing effort, Lilliput Motion is one of the game-changer gimmicks and charioteer in the same race with whom you get the combined experience of marketing at an affordable price, which also encapsulates deriving quality services.

Meet “Ms. Monopoly” – Babita Singh, who is an actor, pop-artist and comes with extensive experience of 8 years as a Public Relation officer and a specialist. Having started her professional journey at a tender age at 23, Babita today is a young entrepreneur and founder of Lilliput Motions which aims to focus on creating a holistic brand image for organizations. With extensive experience in the PR domain, Babita believes in a strategic approach to public relations that ensures a scalable visibility but with optimized resource investment. Babita believes in weaving the brand image through a narrative that relies on quality rather than quantity. Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking is what defines Babita’s work ethic. “The best privilege is to give one of the best and the most impressive services to the client at an affordable rate.” – Babita Singh, Entrepreneur of Lilliput Motions.

Lilliput Motions highly believes in the herculean power of storytelling which fabricates a sense of emotional bonding also taps into the power of human emotions by following only 3 imperative magical ingredients in it’s cauldron – “To Keep it Real”, “Keep it Authentic” and “No Plagiarism!”. We use emotions yet sensible Heuristics methods which are based on compatibility between brand and its audience.

Services Snapshot

Public Relations boutique
We craft and amplify your brand’s message to build media relationships and strategically shape public perception.
Digital Marketing boutique

We boost your online presence through compelling social media, content marketing, and targeted digital campaigns.

Advertisement boutique

We leverage the enduring power of media to reach your audience with carefully placed features and advertisements.

Web design boutique

Your website is your digital storefront. We’ll design and develop a website that flawlessly represents your brand, is optimized for search engines, and delivers an exceptional user experience. We design visually stunning SEO-optimised websites that perfectly reflect your brand

Wedding planning

Lilliput Motions will become your guide to Disney fairytale-inspired majestic, elegant, gorgeous, lavish, magical and magnificent weddings.

Are you sceptical about how your wedding will look? I’ll tell you — picturesque, perfect! We don’t forget to implement the crystal and pearlescent touches.

Lifestyle event boutique

From workshops, award shows, conclaves to lifestyle exhibitions, we cover it all. We particularly create a topic which has a phenomenon to shake the core of the mindset of the people. We arrange speakers and panelist shows where we call upon big delegates to speak on the topics which are revolving around the current trends.


Babita Singh

Charting an Unconventional Path

Babita Singh’s career trajectory is a testament to the power of embracing change and following your passions.

Her early success as a pop artist, garnering chart-topping hits and a devoted fanbase, instilled in her a deep understanding of audience connection and the art of building a compelling personal brand.

However, Babita’s entrepreneurial spirit and fascination with the mechanics of public image propelled her into the world of public relations. She recognised the transferable skills from her music career—persuasive storytelling, audience analysis, and strategic messaging.

Happy Clients

“I have seen an exponential rise in my career working with Babita. She always talks about growth and new ideas which are sensible enough to make you fall more in love with her. Babita is someone who is unwavering in her pursuit of her desires and goals and is relentless in her efforts to achieve them. Signing off!!!!!"
" Babita hustles hard, aims high and is a very ambitious girl. She always stays true to her commitments through smart and extravagant efforts. She is an independent, hardworking woman who believes in achieving goals through determination and perseverance.”

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