Babita Singh's Story

Meet “Ms. Monopoly”
- Babita Singh

Babita, who is an actor, pop-artist and comes with extensive experience of 8 years as a Public Relation officer and a specialist. Having started her professional journey at a tender age at 23, Babita today is a young entrepreneur and founder of Lilliput Motions which aims to focus on creating a holistic brand image for organizations. With extensive experience in the PR domain, Babita believes in a strategic approach to public relations that ensures a scalable visibility but with optimized resource investment. Babita believes in weaving the brand image through a narrative that relies on quality rather than quantity. Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking is what defines Babita’s work ethic.

This unconventional transition wasn’t without its challenges. Yet, Babita’s determination and innate ability to connect with people fueled her rapid rise within the PR industry. Her unique perspective, shaped by her artistic background, sets her apart and informs the innovative and out-of-the-box approach she brings to every client engagement.

Lilliput Motions highly believes in the herculean power of storytelling, which fabricates a sense of emotional bonding and also taps into the power of human emotions by following only three imperative magical ingredients in its cauldron –

 -> “To Keep it Real”,

-> “Keep it Authentic”,

> “No Plagiarism!”.

We use emotions yet sensible Heuristics methods which are based on compatibility between brand and its audience.

Babita Singh

Our Vision:
High-Quality PR & Marketing for All

The best privilege is to give one of the best and the most impressive services to the client at an affordable rate.

– Babita Singh, Entrepreneur of Lilliput Motions

The Inspiration Behind "Lilliput Motions"

The name Lilliput Motions holds a special significance. It draws inspiration from Jonathan Swift’s classic novel, Gulliver’s Travels, specifically the land of Lilliput, where the inhabitants were known for their ingenuity and resourcefulness despite their small size. We see this as a metaphor for our approach to PR and marketing. Budget constraints shouldn’t stifle creativity. Instead, they can fuel strategic thinking and innovative solutions that deliver outsized results for our clients.

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