Decoding Brand Visibility

Research and Analysis with Journalism

Media Relations is at heart of public relations. Journalists value the communicator’s ability to anticipate their needs. For this reason, a better comprehension of the selection criteria and research processes in journalism is essential to identify story ideas, manage information outflow and arrange meaningful opportunities for journalists to interact with relevant sources. To pitch with intention we promote an in-depth research effectively upon relevant journalist and the industry they widely cover. Lilliput Motions as a Public Relation firm understands the importance of earned Media to achieve their goals. Since our day-to-day work consisted of collecting, checking, compiling and commenting on facts.

Profiling Process

You’re Identity! Profiling is the process of delivering in-depth blueprint about the Brand/Individual/Public Figure to Media. Lilliput Motions produces content on brands profile for conveying better understanding about yourself and your brand which leads to successful communication.

Topic Outflow

Discover and determine your key message with Lilliput Motions. Because that’s the one thing you want your readers to read. You need to know the history, what is currently happening around the world, favouring to your brand and the industry you belong. Using correct terms of references to your topic can make your story more realistic and unique. Topic Research can show the preferences of media and individual journalists, to help professional communicators target them more efficiently. Lilliput Motions helps you to strategies upon Unique Topics which can promote your brand at various platforms effectively for publicity.

Writing & Aligning Contents

Content is the KING! Is often cited quote for content marketing. Lilliput Motions believe in creation of robust contents is a central door to the success of a brand. Potential Content is the most effective way to connect with publications for the story opportunities and reach out to the extensive audience. The Creation of the content will be only emphasised upon brand profile and influential topics referring the industry the brand is connect to. Lilliput Motions provides quality content services which keeps potential to master the target publications.

Media Coverage

Media coverage (Print, Online and Electronic Media) is the strongest influence and the most ideal way to education your target audiences about your brand or yourself as an individual. Lilliput Motions makes it possible to garner quality community and target audience responses towards your brand by striving and assuring to Garner guaranteed minimum 6 to 7 quality coverage a month from the Target Publications to the prospective clients.

Joint Goals of  PR and SEO

We all know that SEO no longer sits on its own in a vacuum. It needs to be worked on as part of a wider marketing approach. The main goal of a search engine optimizer is always to know about your brand visibility in various platforms like online website of publications and bloggers. Lilliput Motions make your brand story visible in various renowned online platforms through hybrid marketing approach connect with impactful publishers and bloggers to reap massive benefits for your brand.

Speaker opportunity

If you’re looking to get more eyeball’s for your brand or yourself (CEO or Public Figure) as a motivational speaker and represent for the related industry, than align yourself with a meaty trend i.e. positioning yourself as a thoughtful leader in your industry. Lilliput Motions helps you securing really relevant and reputable speakers opportunity to build yourself more as a motivational speaker.